Limit AirPlay Destinations with Reflector


Having several AirPlay destinations in your environment can be overwhelming on an iOS device. We’ll take a look at how we can limit AirPlay destinations with Reflector.

Reflector is designed to mimic an AirPlay destination for iOS and OS X (great feature for schools). With recent releases, Squirrels have modified how Reflector works on the back-end and how it generates the Device ID. This is really a nice change because you can use Reflector with iOS Configuration Profiles. Previous to the change, this workflow would have only worked with Apple TV.

My Test Hardware and Software:

  • 11″ MacBook Air (Mid 2012)
  • iPad mini (1st Gen)
  • Reflector
  • Casper Suite 9.32

First thing we will need to verify our Reflector settings. To do this, open the Reflector app and go to the Menu Bar and click on Reflector and then Preferences. If you have Reflector running, the shortcut is Command + Comma. I leave most of my settings as the defaults but I have added in a password to connect to Reflector via AirPlay. We will need to take note of the following settings: AirPlay Name and Password.

Reflector Settings

Next we need the MAC address of the computer Reflector is running on. I will use Network Utility on my Mac to get this but there are many ways to get this identifier. I have not tested this yet with a Mac with multiple network adapters, so you might need to test before deploying settings out on a large-scale. I am also unsure if this will work with the Windows version of Reflector. We will need to take note of the following setting: MAC Address or Hardware Address.

Network Settings

Lastly, we will have to create a configuration profile and deploy it to the devices we want to affect. Open up your favorite tool for creating Configuration Profiles. This could be something like Profile Manager, Apple Configurator, or (in my case) the Casper Suite. We will need to fill in two or three settings: Device ID is the MAC or Hardware Address, Device Name is the AirPlay Name from Reflector, and (if set) Password is the Password from Reflector.

JSS AirPlay Settings

Once all we have deployed our Configuration Profile, devices will only see the AirPlay destinations we set!

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