Treating People Like People

This post is not about winning or losing an election. This is not about political beliefs. This post is about treating all people, regardless of where they come from, with decency and respect.

As a history student in college, I was always studying World War 2. I worry that the rhetoric and policies we are enforcing are pushing us back to the dark times of our country’s history.

For those who may not know about how we treated Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor, I implore you to read George Takei’s … Read More

PSA – Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is something that is very near and dear to my heart. My livelihood and hobbies are directly related to technology and the internet. Without the internet, I would have never learned how to build a webpage or a computer, and to write a script or code. In addition to that, my house projects, lawn mower repairs, and vast amounts of research for new products and services would be in jeopardy.

If you do not know or care what Net Neutrality is and how it could effect you, I implore you to … Read More

Siri Pauses Music, Videos and Fans

I found a neat little tidbit with macOS Sierra on release day! If you have loud fans going (I was downloading a bunch of stuff from Dropbox) or have music playing or a YouTube video- Siri will pause your content or turn down your fans. Pretty neat that they thought of that!

Managed Open-In: Why Native MDM is Better

Every year there is another acronym for Mobile Device Management (MDM). Mobile operating systems require software management companies to look at built-in APIs and design unique features that fit into what is allowed on that platform. This very competitive market has caused lots of confusion and uncertainty for customers. With this post, I hope to explain what all these acronyms are and why you should look to native technologies within iOS instead of custom solutions that are designed to support … Read More

Let’s Encrypt with the JAMF Software Server (JSS)

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog… With two kids and a steady stream of new projects at work its been a bit crazy! However, today I posted my first GitHub repository! I had been using Gists by GitHub and will be slowly moving them over to repositories. Anyway back to what is important…

My JSS that I use for testing has been using Let’s Encrypt for the last three months and I finally had an auto renewal that I could finish testing. Let’s Encrypt allows for FREE SSL certificates … Read More

NetBoot with Parallels Desktop

ParallelsWith the introduction of Parallels Desktop 10 Mac Enterprise Edition, you can now NetBoot with Parallels Desktop virtual machines! This can drastically increase the speed in which you can test and verify bare metal imaging workflows for OS X. Before we dive into the technical bits, I want to recognize Der Flounder who has previously written about NetBoot for VMware Fusion on his blog. I also would like to mention that I have used this workflow in previous posts, like … Read More

Building and Deploying OS X with AutoDMG

AutoDMGIn my last post, Building a Base OS X Image, I wanted to cover AutoDMG but felt it was to much for one post. Building and Deploying OS X with AutoDMG can be easy depending on what you are hoping to have done before handing the computer off to your end user. Below I will cover how to build your OS X image as well as some deployment options!

For those who haven’t played with AutoDMG, it was created by Per Olofsson for streamlined base image creation. The tool’s purpose is to take an OS X installer … Read More

Building a Base OS X Image

InternalHardDriveBuilding a base OS X image is very important for any IT administrator! In previous posts, I have talked about Imaging Workflows and When to Use Them and Creating a Bootable OS X Installer.  I also added a new post on Building and Deploying a OS X with AutoDMG. You will need about an hour or two, an empty partition, the OS X installer, and a tool to capture the finished product. The end result of this workflow will be a small base image that can be used in a modular imaging workflow. If you choose … Read More

Creating a Bootable OS X Installer

Updated on July 26th 2016 for macOS Sierra (and changed OS X to macOS)

Install Sierra Every IT admin has a toolkit of hardware and software used to troubleshoot issues. Common problems require us to use Terminal or Disk Utility fix odd problems. These fixes can be done easily with NetBoot or a Snow Leopard (10.6) DVD. However, many organizations don’t allow NetBoot and almost all Macs ship without DVD drives. In this post, we will create a bootable macOS installer for your IT bag!

Mavericks (10.9) and Newer

Instructions … Read More